Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Go For Broke!! (1951)

Written and directed by Battleground's Robert Pirosh, Go For Broke is the "based on" account of the US Army's 442nd Regimental Combat Team and its fight in Army training camps in the US south and the fight against Germany in Italy and France in 1943 and 1944. Many of the Japanese actors in the movie are actual veterans of the 442nd and played a fictional character in the movie. Van Johnson plays Lt. Grayson, a Texan, who is not fond of his new found command and still has serious issues with Japanese Americans being soldiers. Eventually Grayson warms up to and emmerses himself in the Nisei.

Lane Nakano - Sam (1925 - 2005)

Van Johnson & Henry Nakamura

Attention to Detail
One of the greatest details in this movie is that they took guys that fought in Italy and France, asked them to portray other men in the 442nd and set them lose on a backlot battlefield.

One of the other details I was looking at was the field gear. To me it looked like these guys still had all their gear and uniforms from when they served.

Van Johnson, Pat Morita, Lane Nakano, Don Haggerty, Dan Riss, Henry Nakamura

Famous Line
Lt. Michael Grayson: I'll be seeing you.
Tommy: Aloha, partner.

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